Olive Green Square Neckline Dress

Hello Everyone!

A great summer dress is without a doubt the easiest option for looking effortlessly chic in the scorching summer heat. Dresses are the go-to clothing item for me because it is so comfortable. It is always very flattering and can be styled for any occasion.

I used Moroccan Crepe fabric for this dress. The texture of the fabric is simply amazing and I am sure I will get a few years out of this dress. I love the neckline and the dress is quite comfortable wear.

Pairing the dress with my leather kitten heel mules was a no-brainer. They are extremely comfortable and the color palette is just perfect.

There is nothing better then the ease and comfort of the perfect summer dress.

I love versatile pieces that can take you to multiple occasions like a brunch, a birthday party, or just running some errands.

Have a jolly good weekend!

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