Lined Sleeveless Keyhole Neckline Dress Tutorial Plus Pattern

Fabric and lining of your choice.
Matching sewing thread
A zipper

1. Cut your fabric panels out and mark the darts on the front and back panels of the dress fabric and the lining.

Mark the keyhole on the centre front of the lining.

Cut 5 mm (1/4 in) away from the lining front and back shoulder edges to ensure a smooth shoulder seamline. Stitch the darts in the lining front and back panels and press.

2. Stitch the dart on the dress panels and press. Depending on the design and fabric used, it may be necessary to interface a garment neckline before applying the facing or lining. The interfacing will help to define, support and reinforce the shape of the neckline. Iron 2 cm wide lightweight tricot vilene on the wrong side of the neckline and armholes of the dress panels.

3. With right sides together, pin and stitch the shoulder seams of the dress panels and press seams open. Repeat the same for the lining.

4. With right sides together, pin the lining neckline to the garment neckline and line the marked keyhole up with the centre front. I prefer to iron a fold on the centre of the garment. Stitch on the marked line starting at the wide end, stitch up one side to the point. Use a smaller stitch when you reach the point and pivot. Take one stitch across point, pivot again. Stitch down the other side.

5. Slash into the keyhole up to the point without cutting through the stitches. Trim the seam allowance.

6. Trim the neckline seam allowance to about 7 mm. Clip and understitch.

7. With right sides together, stitch the armholes together. Trim the seam allowance. Clip into seam allowance and understtitch.

8. Push the back panels of the garment up through the shoulder channel, to the front. It is best to read the post How To Sew The All-In-One Neck And Armhole facing Tutorial.

9. Stitch the centre back opening close, leaving an opening for a zipper. Repeat the same for lining. Press the centre back seams. Sew the zipper into the centre back seams of the garment.

10. With right sides together, fold lining over the zipper and machine stitch in place.

11. clip the top end.

12. Hand stitch the lining to the zipper tape if preferred.


13. With right sides together, stitch the side seams of garment and lining together. Press the seams.

14. Neaten the hemline and stitch the hem of the garment. Press the garment.

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