Two Exposed Zipper Tutorials

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Exposed zippers have become very popular over the past few years.
They are widely used as decorative embellishments and is often used in the front or back of garments, as well as on pockets. Below are two tutorials for the exposed zipper. Method 1 is used on the front of a garment and method 2 is commonly used on trouser pockets.

Method 1:

Step 1. Mark the center of the garment with a fabric marker, or iron a fold on the center where the zipper will be placed.

Step 2. Cut a stay 8 cm wide and about 5 cm longer then the zipper. Mark the center of the stay the length of the zipper ladder and 8 mm wide. With right sides together, tack the stay to the garment, matching the center markings.

Step 3. Stitch about 4 mm each side of the center line and across the bottom at the end of marking. Slash down the center line, to within 1 cm of bottom. Cut into the corners. Remove the tacking.

Step 4. Turn the stay to inside and press.

Step 5. Center the zipper under the opening and pin in place. Slip-tack the zipper to the garment, along the fold on each side of zipper.

Step 6. Lift the bottom part of the garment to expose the ends of zipper tape and the triangle of garment and stay, at the bottom of the opening. Attach a zipper foot to the machine and stitch across the triangle to secure it to the zipper tape and stay.

Step 7. Fold back one side of the garment until the original stitching line is visible. Working from the bottom to the top, stitch the garment to the zipper tape, along the previous stitching line. Repeat for the other side of the zipper. Remove the slip-tacking.

Method 2:

Step 1. Mark opening on the garment where zipper will be placed as described in Step one, method 1. Cut a stay 8 cm wide and 8 cm longer then the opening. Mark the center of the stay. Center the stay over the mark for the opening and tack in place, right sides together.

Step 2. Stitch across both ends and sides. Slash the center and cut into the corners at both ends as described in method 1 step 3.

Step 3. Turn the stay to the inside and press.

Step 4. Center the zipper under the opening and slip-tack in place as described in method 1 step 5.

Step 5. Fold garment up to expose the triangular ends. Stitch triangles at both ends to zipper tape, as described in step 6 method 1.

Step 6. Top stitch the edges around the zipper with the zipper foot.

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