Shirring Fabric With Sewing Thread Tutorial

Shirring is formed when several rows of stitching are gathered. It is highly decorative and resembles smocking in a way. Lightweight fabrics are the most appropriate for shirring. It is best to press the fabric before shirring, because it is difficult to press shirring without flattening it. The rows of shirring can be between 1 cm and 3 cm apart, depending on personal preference.

Mark fabric with the desired amount of lines using an erasable fabric marker. Space the rows an equal distance apart.

Set the top tension on the sewing machine for a looser stitch. Sew rows of machine stitches on the marked lines.

Gather each row separately by pulling on the BOBBIN THREAD.
Measure the first row of stitches. Ensure that all subsequent rows are gathered the same length.

Secure all gathered rows by tying the thread ends on each row. Place a row of machine stitching across the ends of all the rows.

Staying a shirred section:

Cut a strip of fabric 2 cm wider and longer then the shirred section.
Press 1 cm in on all 4 sides. Pin the stay to the wrong side of the shirred area. Hand-sew the stay to the edges with small invisible stitches. The stay will protect the shirred area from strain.

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