Separate In-Seam Pocket Tutorial

The separate in-seam pocket is made up of separate garment and pocket
pieces, that are joined in the seamline of the garment, to create a pocket.

1. Mark the pocket placing on the garment with tailor's chalk.

2. With right sides together, pin the pocket sections, matching markings. Machine stitch within the seam allowance.

3. Press the pocket outward. With right sides together and pocket extended, match markings and pin front and back sections together
along pocket opening. Tack across the the opening.

4. Pin and stitch the side seams above and below the pocket opening
together. Reinforce the top and bottom markings with backstitches.
Press the back pocket seam open and front pocket seam toward the pocket.

5. Pin the pocket lining together and stitch around the pocket seam
allowance, backstitching at the pocket markings. Catch the front seam
in the stitching.

Overlock around the edge of the pocket.

Press the pocket flat toward the front of the garment.

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