Pressing Equipment

In order to press garments successfully, you need these basic items:
A steam iron of high quality.

Pressing cloths, like a piece of calico, which holds moisture and is best for pressing medium to heavyweight fabrics.
Muslin is semi-transparent and is suitable for pressing delicate fabrics.

A tailor's ham has an oval shape with curved sides. It is used to press princess seams, darts, the head of a sleeve, the seat of trousers and all curved seams.

A seam roll is a cylindrical cushion, used for pressing long curved seams, trouser seams and sleeve seams.

A tailors clapper is made of hardwood and has rounded ends.
Since the wood has no finish, no paint or varnish, it is able to absorb moisture from the iron to ensure flat, crisp seams, pleats and creases.
To use the clapper, first press the seam with a press cloth, lift the iron and place the clapper over the seam, while holding the clapper firmly down for a few minutes.

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