Pintuck Cushion Cover Tutorial

Hello Everyone!

I used Taffeta for this 45 cm x 45 cm scatter cushion.

Decide on the size of the cushion, the width of the pintucks and how far apart the pintucks must be, in order to calculate the amount of fabric you need.

Place a sewer's ruler at a 45 degree angle on the right side of the fabric and draw the lines with an erasable pencil.

Once the first lines are completed, continue at the opposite corner and repeat, using the same amount of space between lines.

Fold the fabric wrong sides together on the marked line. You can press the fold and pin in place.

Stitch between 3 and 5 mm from the folded edge.

Press the tucks to one side. Pin the opposite side and machine stitch.

Press the last tucks to one side.

Place a pattern on the fabric and cut the required size panels out.

I decided to add some bling, so i used sequins and beads. The beads can be sewn on with waxed sewing thread or nylon invisible thread.

To finish the cushion off, pin and stitch the bottom seam for about 4 cm on each side and leaving the centre open for the zipper. Sew an invisible zipper in, or use the lapped zipper method. Pin and stitch the remaining seams. Overlock, or use a small zig-zag stitch to neaten all edges.

Have a jolly good week further!

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