Navy and White Dress Swimsuit

Hello Everyone!

With summer just around the corner here in South Africa, it is time to make waves, by investing in great looking, comfortable swimwear. Whether you buy, or make your own swimwear, choosing the right style, will flatter any shape or size.
I decided to include this dress swimsuit in my personal collection, simply because I can walk around, without a wrap, and it feels more like wearing a comfortable summer's dress.

Meet ''CINDY'' my mannequin. LOL.  She is an early birthday gift and will model some of my creations, now and then.

I used good quality SPEEDO LYCRA and opted for a longer skirt length.

Here are some tips on which swimwear styles to invest in:

PEAR-SHAPED: Choose a dark bottom and a bright top, to draw the eye away from the lower half. Opt for low-cut V-necks and boob tube styles.
High-Cut Leg styles will lengthen your legs. AVOID low-cut brief-style bottoms.

BIG AND BUSTY: Dark colours and large prints will work great. Opt for deep V-necks or plunging necklines. Choose a swimsuit that has support.
AVOID spaghetti straps, boob tubes, light coloured swimsuits and bikinis.

TUMMY ISSUES: Wear a dark coloured one-piece or a tankini. Swimsuits, with ruching around the tummy area, hide unwanted lumps and bumps. Choose a bottom with a high-cut leg. AVOID bikini bottoms with a low-cut waistline, as well as white and pastel colours.

Make a splash this summer, in great-looking swimwear styles.

Have a great week!

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