Muangboran, Ancient City In Samut Prakan (Thailand)

Muangboran Ancient City is the largest outdoor museum in the world. It is less then an hour from central Bangkok. We took the BTS Skytrain to KHEHA station and from there a short journey by TUK TUK. The museum is situated on about 300 acres of land, with lush gardens and scaled down copies of the most famous monuments and architectural attractions from all over the Thai Kingdom.   Visitors to this complex can enjoy a healthy dose of history, culture, art and religion.  The entrance fee was 700 Baht about ($22) per person and included the use of the tram, or a bicycle and audio set, which is in different languages and which explained the importance of each site we visited. Golf carts are also available for rent. We spent many hours inside the complex and thoroughly enjoyed the tranquil atmosphere of the museum. Ice cream, snacks and beverages are sold by a few shops inside the complex. This museum is well worth a visit.

The entrance to the ''Old City''

The entrance to the ''Old Market Town'' inside the museum complex.

A few shops inside the '' Old Market Town''

A replica of The Dvaravati House which is located within the Sanam Chan Palace in Nakhon Pathom Province.

Khun Phaen House is a Ayutthaya style house

Tranquil gardens with ponds, rocks and stonework are seen everywhere within the museum complex.

The great battle of Yuthahathi when Ayutthaya fell to Burma in 1569 A.D

The Dusit Maha Prasat Palace  in the grand palace complex is now the only remaining example of a traditional Thai palace left in Thailand.

Bang Pa in Garden

Prasat Sikhoraphum is a stone sanctuary with a group of five brick prangs, which is the symbol of Surin Province.

A reclining buddha which we discovered within a construction site, which we entered accidentally.

Sanphet Prasat Palace (located in Ayutthaya)

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