Men's Hoodie Tutorial Plus Free Pattern

Hello Everyone!

The project for today is an unlined hoodie tutorial with a multi sized pattern. The pattern is for sizes small, medium and large.

You will need the following for this project:

Stretch fabrics like Tracksuiting, Sweatshirting, Fleece, or Cotton. The amount of fabric required is between 2.5 m and 3 m, by 150 cm wide.
Lining for the hood if desired (50 cm)
Quality polyester sewing thread
Twin stretch needle
Open ended zip (50 cm - 70 cm)

Prepare the fabric by washing and ironing first, if needed.

Cutting Instructions:

Cut out of fabric
1 x Back on fold
2 x Front
2 x Sleeve on fold
2 x Hood plus 2 x Lining if desired
2 x Pockets plus 2 x lining

Sewing Instructions:

1. Pin and stitch the front and back shoulders right sides together. Neaten the raw edges and press seams towards the back. Reinforce the shoulder seams with cotton tape if the fabric is very stretchy.

2. Fold the sleeves in half and mark it with a pin. Pin the sleeve head to the shoulder seam right sides together. Pin the sleeve into armhole matching underarm points. Stitch the sleeve into the armhole and neaten the raw edges with overlocking/serging. Repeat for the other sleeve.

3. With right sides together, pin and stitch the underarm seams from the bottom of the garment to the hem of the sleeve.


4. Pin the pocket fabric and lining right sides together and stitch the long straight and round edge.

5. Cut the corner and grade the seams. Repeat for other pocket.

6. Turn pocket to right side and press. Stitch the straight edge with the twin needle. Repeat for other pocket.

7. Pin the pockets to the right side of garment, aligning the long edge with the side seam and the bottom edge of pocket with the bottom edge of garment.
Stitch the pockets to the garment on the rounded edge, using the twin needle.

The Zip

8. Measure the front edge of garment to determine the length of the zipper.
Pin each zipper tape to the garment right sides together and machine baste.
Close the zipper to ensure that the two sides are even.

9. Neaten the raw edges of the front facings.

Pin and stitch the facing to the garment right sides together.

The Hood

10. Pin and stitch the hood seam right sides together. Repeat for the hood lining, if lining is desired.

11. Make buttonholes on the fabric or lining as indicated on the pattern. The area can be reinforced with a small piece of interfacing if the fabric is very stretchy.

12. Pin and stitch the hood lining and the hood front edges right sides together.

Turn the hood to the right side and topstitch the front edge with the twin needle.

13. Pin and stitch the hood to the garment neck opening, right sides together. Ensure that the seams at the zipper opening is aligned.

14. Trim the neck seam allowance. Pin and stitch cotton tape over the seam allowance.

15. Sew the hems of the sleeves and garment with the twin needle.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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