How To Sew The Blouse Neck Tie

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A blouse with a neck tie is just one of those classic styles that is chic, feminine and very versatile. You can let the tie hang loose, or make a lovely bow and wear it with whatever you like. I used Satin for this project and the same pattern which I drafted for the Black Blouse With Ruffles. I just shortened the bodice, added a short sleeve variation.

Sewing Instructions:

Cut a desired length of fabric for the neck tie. I used a completed width of 6 cm so that I can fold it over like a collar. Fold the fabric right sides together, lengthwise. Mark and sew both ends of the tie. Measure the opening of the neckline and mark it on the tie (AB) as illustrated below. Stitch across up to the marked points and clip the seam allowance. Trim the corners as illustrated.

Turn the tie to the right side and press.

Staystitch across the neckline and the button stand of the garment. Clip the seam allowance and trim the button stand seam allowance.

Divide the neckline and the tie neck opening in half and mark it with a pin.

With right sides together, pin and stitch the tie to the neckline up to the beginning of the button stand. Clip through both layers of seam allowance.

Trim and press the seam allowance upwards into the tie. Fold the upper section of the tie over the seam allowance. Tack and slipstitch in place.

Set the sleeves in and press the garment.

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