How To Prepare Fabric For Cutting

It is important to preshrink fabric before cutting, by washing and ironing fabrics like denim, t-shirting and cottons. Delicate fabrics like silk, must be dry cleaned.

Tips to identifying the right side of fabric:

Smooth fabrics are shinier on the right side.
Textured fabrics stand out more on the right side.
Printed fabrics are more sharper on the right side.
The selvage of fabric is smoother on the right side.

The length and width of fabric:

The selvage of fabric is formed along each lengthwise edge. The lengthwise grain parallels the selvage. The crosswise grain is perpendicular to it. Bias is any diagonal that intersects these grains. A true bias is formed at a 45 degree angle.

The length of the fabric run from cut edge to cut edge and the width of the fabric is from selvage to selvage.

Folding fabric for cutting:

Fold the fabric from selvage to selvage, with the right side inside for standard lengthwise cutting. Shifting of slippery fabric can be prevented by pinning the selvages together every few centimeters.

Standard lengthwise layout:

Double lengthwise layout:

This method can be used instead of the standard lengthwise fold, if both the front and the back are cut on fold.

Fold fabric wrong sides together, when you are working with napped fabric, designs that must be matched, or printed fabric with large motifs.

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