How To Pickle Olives

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Olive harvesting is in full swing here on the Cape West Coast and I would like to share my version of ''Pickled Olives'' with you.
Curing olives is a long process, but well worth the effort. I love experimenting with fruit preserves and veggie pickles and always have a variety of both in my pantry at hand.

Wash about 2 kg of ripe, black or green olives and cut a slit lengthwise on each side of the olive.

Place the olives in a glass or plastic bowl and add 2TBS of coarse salt to it. Cover the olives with water and place a plate over it to weigh the olives down. Drain the water once a day and repeat the process for 7 to 14 days. I repeat the process for 14 days and I RECYCLE ALL THE WATER I DRAIN OFF.

Ingredients for the final brine:
1,25 Litres water
3 TBS coarse salt
600 ml White vinegar
1/4 tsp dried Oregano or mixed dried herbs per glass jar.
1 Red chillie per glass jar (optional)
4 Cloves garlic (1 clove per jar)
2 TBS Olive oil per jar (optional)

Boil the water and the salt together and let it cool. Add the vinegar and stir well. Pack the olives into 4 large, sterilized jars and add the garlic, herbs and chillies to each jar. Pour the brine mixture into each jar and pour 2 TBS olive oil on the top to seal the olives and to prevent air from entering the jar.

Store the jars in a cool dry place for about 3 to 5 weeks before use.
Store in the refrigerator after opening.
The olives should keep well for at least 1 year.


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