How To Make Covered Buttons

Covered buttons can be made with a button maker or without. Either way, covered buttons add a special touch to garments, cushions and other decor projects.

Gather the following items to make the buttons: a pencil, scissors, buttons, fabric, lightweight fusible interfacing and a button maker.

Method 1: With a button maker.

Iron interfacing on a strip of fabric to prevent seeing the button through the fabric. Mark the correct size circle on the wrong side of fabric. I used the template on the back of my button maker.

Cut the circles out.

Place the fabric circle right side down, centrally and into the relevant mould of the button maker.

Push the button front onto the fabric and tuck excess evenly into the back of button. A seam ripper or safety pin will help.

Place the back of button on top and position the back plate of button maker over the mould. Press down firmly and snap into place, using the relevant pusher.

Remove the button from the mould.

Method 2: Making covered buttons without a button maker.

If you do not have a button maker, simply sew a row of hand stitches close to the edge of the fabric circle and leave long strands of sewing thread.

Place the button in the centre of the fabric.

Pull the strands of thread tight and make a knot to secure the fabric. Trim the thread.

Place the button back on and snap in place by hand.

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