How To Make Bias Strips, Piping And Cording

Bias strips are bands of fabric, that are cut on the true bias, (at a angle of 45 degrees). They have many uses, ranging from hemming, piping, cording, as well as binding necklines and ruffles.

Place a sewers ruler on the wrong side of the fabric, at a 45 degree angle.

Draw lines wide enough to make piping or cording and add 1,5cm seam allowance on both sides of the strips, lengthwise.

How to join bias strips:
With right sides together, pin the strips with seamlines matching. Machine stitch and press the seam open.

How to make piping:
Cut a bias strip twice the exposed width, plus 3cm for seam allowance. Fold the strip in half, lengthwise. With wrong sides together, machine stitch 1/2cm to 1cm from the folded edge.

How to make cording:
First select the thickness of the cord. Place the cord in the middle and on the wrong side of the bias strip. Fold the fabric over to encase the cord and pin. Attach a zipper foot to the machine and stitch close to the cord, without catching the cord in the needle.

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