How To Make lined Patch Pockets

Patch pockets can be lined or unlined. It can be square, rectangle or curved. They can be decorated with top stitching, lace or braid trims.
Lining gives patch pockets a very neat finish, especially when it is used on ladies shirts. It is best to use lining of the same colour as the
outer fabric. If the fabric is lightweight, then it can also be used to line the pocket.

Draft a pattern for a rectangle pocket, as illustrated blow.

Cut lining and fabric for the pocket.

Mark the top of the lining seam, leaving 4 cm free in the centre. With right sides together, pin the top of the lining to the

Stitch a 1 cm seam, leaving a 4 cm opening in the centre, for turning the
pocket inside out. Press the seam toward the lining.

With right sides together, match the bottom and side edges of the lining
and pocket. Pin, then stitch around the seamline. Trim the seams diagonally across the corners, at the top and bottom.

Trim/grade the seam allowances.

Turn the pocket to the right side, through the opening in the facing seam. Slipstitch the opening close. Press.

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