How To Draft and Sew Jeans Hip Pockets

Trace your favorite trouser pattern from a commercial pattern, or draft
your own pattern. Draw in the hip pockets as illustrated below.

Trace the hip panel and pocket lining pattern from the ground pattern.
Add 1 cm seam allowance to all pattern pieces.

Add 1 cm seam allowance to the pocket opening and cut the hip panel away
on the pattern.

Cut cotton lining for the inner pocket section. Fold the lining right
sides together and press.

Pin the wrong side of the hip panel to the right side of the lining
and machine stitch.

With right sides together, pin pocket lining to the trouser pocket opening/raw edge.

Machine stitch within the seam allowance.

Clip and grade the seam allowance.

Fold the pocket lining and garment pocket opening, wrong sides together
and tack.

Topstitch the pocket opening.

Fold the pocket lining and the garment side seam together. Pin the top waist edge and pocket together.

Flap the garment up, to expose the bottom seam of the pocket. Pin and
machine stitch the seam.

Pin the garment side seam and pocket side seam together and machine

Stitch the pocket to the waist raw edge.

With the pockets completed, the rest of the jeans can be completed.

Have a great week further!

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