Floral Top With Neckline Placket Tutorial

Hello Everyone!

My latest project is this top with a shaped placket band. A placket band can be straight or shaped. A shaped band is cut from a pattern and applied in a similar way as a straight placket. I used a very soft cotton fabric and cut the front and back on the true bias for a lovely draping effect.

There are various ways to sew neckline placket openings, but i decided to use the method below.

Iron interfacing on the centre of the front panel to strengthen the stitching line. Stitch and Tear can also be used.
Mark the centre of the fabric with a water soluble pen. Mark the width 3 cm by the required opening length.

Stitch along the marked stitching line, using shorter stitches as reinforcement at the corners and across the bottom. Cut down the centre and into the corners.

Cut two plackets 8 cm wide and longer then the required length. Iron interfacing on.

With right sides together, fold placket bands right sides together. Pin and stitch up to the 1 cm seam allowance. Trim the seam. This method allows for a collar to be attached.

Turn the placket bands to the right side and press.

Pin the RIGHT SIDE of the band to the WRONG SIDE of the garment and stitch in place up to the clipped corner.

Press and trim the seam allowance. Fold the band over the seam. Pin and tack in place. Sew along the edge of the band.

Push the plackets through to the wrong side. Lap the right facing over the left facing. Fold the front of garment up to expose the bottom end of facing. Stitch facings down along the previous stitching. Finish the raw edge off. Press the garment.

Have a great day further!

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