Blue Sleeveless Shift Dress With Lace Trim

Hello Everyone!

Since I have been admiring shift dresses from the Lilly Pulitzer collection for quite some time now, I just knew my Blue Linen and lace trim, which I bought in Bangkok last year, would be perfect. I used a Taffeta lining, because besides being lightweight, it is kind of smooth and silky soft.

Even though the afternoon breeze created havoc while snapping away yesterday, it was most welcome.

I attached the trim by first folding and pressing the centre front panel,
thus providing me with the perfect centre line.

The next step was to clearly mark my stitching line on the neckline.

I placed the trim around the neckline, 4 mm away from the stitching line.
The rest of the trim was placed over the crease on the centre front and securely tacked in place, without pulling on the trim. It was then machine stitched in place.

My inspiration came from this Lilly Pulitzer dress.

Have a great week further!

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