Black Blouse With Ruffles

Hello Everyone!

Ruffles and flounces are making waves everywhere at present and I love it. Whether its added to hemlines, necklines or waistlines, ruffles and flounces will always be feminine and timeless.

There is a difference between a ruffle and a flounce, even though both are commonly referred to as a ruffle.
A ruffle is created when you sew two rows of stitches on the edge of a strip of fabric. The threads are then pulled, to form gathers at the top edge of the fabric.

A flounce is created when you cut fabric circular. The top edge of the flounce will be smooth and not gathered like the ruffle. Click on the post Pencil Skirt With Side Flounce to see the difference.

I used embroidered Chiffon, so I used a fabric sheet over my work surface, while cutting my blouse panels out. The sheet prevents the fabric from moving and slipping, as is commonly the problem with delicate fabrics like CHIFFONS, GEORGETTE and other delicate fabrics.

I made a rolled hem on the ruffles with the overlocker.

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  1. I have not done any sewing recently because we moved house but this is inspiration. I love this look. Very elegant, and quite easy to make.

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