A visit to Vietnam

a visit to vietnamIn March 2016 my husband and I decided to take a trip to Vietnam. We started in the south, in the city called HO CHI MINH, formerly known as SAIGON. We were completely captivated by this vibrant city, rich in culture and history. On our first day, we visited some museums that were within walking distance in the city center. The one that will always be the most interesting, is definitely the War Remnants Museum.

Walking through this museum, was extremely interesting, as well as gut wrenching, to see what the people there went through during the Vietnam War. The walls of the museum are covered in detailed photographs of the utter destruction of villages and of the methods of torture that was used during that war.
We went into the museum with very little knowledge about the war, but we left with a huge amount of insight about that dark period of Vietnam. This museum is definitely a must see museum.

Some of the aircrafts that were used during that war.

Join me next week for more travel news about Saigon.

Have a great weekend.!!!

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