A visit to Vietnam (Part 2)

The most memorable part of our holiday in and around Southern Vietnam, was getting to know the country, the culture and meeting local people, as well as learning about their daily routine. It is a country full of new experiences and endless amounts of sightseeing options. The Vietnamese dishes served there, is delicious and healthy. Travel agents are in abundance and sightseeing trips are extremely well planned. The tour guides are among the best in the world and always willing to go the extra mile. Buildings of interest in central Saigon:
The Central Post Office which is still operating.

The Saigon Square

The Notre Dame Basilica in Saigon

We went on a full day trip to the Mekong Delta region. Once in the Mekong area, we stopped at a local village where we were treated to local fruits, honey and tea as well as a performance of music by the locals.

After spending time in the village, we took a short walk through what looked like a beautiful lush green forest, with a setting that reminded me of a scene from ''Gorillas in the Mist''. We ended up by a small side stream where we had to board a rowing boat to take us to the Mekong River.

Once we arrived at the Mekong River, we boarded a boat and sailed on the Mekong River for another hour.

Once this leg of our day trip was completed, we headed back to the tour bus and was taken to another town to see Buddhist Temples.
The Giant Buddhist Temple

Giant Buddha at Vinh Trang Pagoda

The highlights for the visit to Ho Chi Minh City was:
The War Remnants Museum
The boat trip on the great Mekong River
Visiting various Buddhist Temples
We spent two weeks in Southern Vietnam and by the time we had to depart for Northern Vietnam, we decided that we have to return to Ho Chi Minh for another visit in future, as there is still so much to see and do.

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